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Before I get into explaining why Press Releases should be considered in your company’s budget, allow me to explain to you the purpose of it.  A press release is a written or recorded communication directed toward members of the news media for the purpose of shedding light on a particular person(s), business(es) and/or product(s). Typically, they are mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to assignment editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, and/or television networks.  It’s both a efficient and an affordable way to quickly get information about your business or businesses out to your target audience.  If you don’t have time to wait for Organic SEO to take effect, then press release service is the way to go. Whether you are running a small or big business, you need press release service; it will only help.

There are many benefits to using press release service.  Press release can establish your business as an industry expert, which is essential in today’s market.  Expertise helps you gain the trust of your intended customers.   Once you have their trust, the more likely they are to use your products and services.  Being an expert is also good for media relations.  Whenever the media needs someone to comment on a story related to your industry, you want to be the one they call on. 

Good press can travel far and wide. In fact, most media outlets get a significant percentage of their stories from local media outlets throughout the world.  When one reporter picks up a story, it spreads from one publication to the next.  Good press can also result in attracting investors.   Because press releases highlight the advancement and success of your business, this will most likely get the attention of an investor or sponsor who is looking to invest in your business. 

In conclusion, press release is a powerful tool that you should not want do without.  It is affordable, efficient and effective.   If you don’t have time for Organic SEO to take effect to get information out about your business to your target audience, press release should be a part of your budget.  Using press release service will more than likely establish your business as an industry expert which in turn will gain the trust of your consumers.  Utilizing press release service can possibly get the attention of investors for your business.  Simply put, you really cannot do without press release service.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010, 02:09 pm Written by 

We are a Los Angeles based Marketing Firm seeking motivated and experienced Inside Sales Representatives and Account Managers.

Is living off of unemployment just not cutting it?
Do you feel you don’t fit in within a structured corporate environment and cannot reach your full potential?
You could be a great addition to our growing sales team.

Preferred Experience:

– Background in Sales – Telephone Sales a Plus
– Background in Closing Opened Leads / Prospects

*You must be energetic, intelligent and focused.
*You must have great communication and people skills.
*You must be dedicated and eager.

*Do you have the drive to make 60-80 phone calls a day?
*Are you able to lead a client through the demo and into the close?

Position Details:

-Cold Calling
-Prospecting New Potential Clients
-Account Management

Generous Bonuses & Residuals

Training Provided and Flexible Hours
Unlimited Earning Potential and High Commission Split with No Cap

Please submit your resume for immediate consideration. Email to or Fax to (818)884-8855. Please reference Job # 334

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With the economy in such a rut, many business owners are looking for ways to save money and generate more at the same time. It is important for businesses to consider all options to be sure they are saving and generating as much traffic and revenue as possible.  One option is to do some blog posting. Although it is not guaranteed that business will flourish because of blog posting, blogs are a great, cheap (sometimes free) way to generate traffic and product awareness.  Some business owners may be skeptical as to why a blog is important, so in this article, I’ll like to give you some reasons.

1.    Blogs are very helpful to consumers when purchasing products, known and unknown. Many customers find it important to do research on products before they go out and spend their hard earn money on it.  Customers want to know why they should purchase products they need at your business and it is your responsibility to tell them – and what better why than in a blog. Customers need that peace of mind that they are buying the right product and getting more bang for their buck.

2.    Another reason why blog posting can help your business is that blogs give you more of a web presence.  If you’re a new business, it is important for you to create a blog well ahead of your opening day. Introduce the company, the products, and possibly yourself.  People, nowadays, are more cautious about letting their money leave their pockets. So if you are new, make them feel comfortable with a blog.  So what if you’ve been around for centuries? Well, you can still be unknown for some future customers, especially if you are not technology friendly.  Today, the world thrives off of the internet and having everything at your fingertips. You want to make a presence on the internet, because it’s just as important. Making a presence doesn’t mean just doing one blog for the lifetime of a business. You need to make sure that you update it constantly so your blog can be high in ranking. Which brings me to the next point.

3.    Because blogs are constantly updated it helps to better rank your website in search engines. The more updated content that is placed on the website the better your page placement will be.  So the more blogs you do the more search friendly your site becomes and more likely that someone will see it, click it, read it, and visit your business. And that is exactly what you want.

All in all, blogs are easy ways to promote, educate, and generate traffic and possibly more revenue to your company.  But having a plethora of other important things to tend to, you don’t have time to sit down and write a blog daily and that is ok. Because Web Wise Media can help you with that. Just visit their page or you can click here and we’ll direct you to the place you need to be to get started.

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In this internet/technologically driven world that we live in today, there are millions of businesses being located by one of the most commonly used internet tools known as Search Engines.  Before the internet, word of mouth and advertising was the best means of learning about a business.  Now, the market and our culture have grown larger and more advanced.  Because businesses are so large in number, the fastest, most precise and easiest way to find a business is by utilizing such search engines as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.  You can have the greatest website and businesses with the best services and products.  But without affordable SEO or any Website SEO at all, you may see more of a loss than a profit with your business.  This would be the equivalent of searching for a needle in a hay stack.  Without affordable SEO, the odds are against you.

Everyday, there are millions of key words being entered into search engines by internet surfers to find the services and or products that best suit their needs.  The entities responsible for the sale and use of these services and products are businesses.  Besides word of mouth and advertising on television and radio, the internet is the most widely used marketing tool.  Because it is convenient to most, before going by word of mouth or just driving around out of curiosity, most individuals use the internet as their first tool of choice.  In today’s world, the internet is one of the best resources to utilize.

Without affordable SEO, a business has a lower chance of attaining a profit gain.  You can have one of the greatest businesses with all of the bells and whistles,  flashy high tech website; 16 story building; 300 employees; cool looking logo and a catch phrase to match.  But without affordable SEO, who’s going to go through the trouble of trying to find you.  Not many.  You may get a few don’t get me wrong, but it most likely won’t be enough to make a profit.  Let me give you an analogy.  A search engine is to a business as is a GPS is to a location.  If there isn’t a place on the map, then what’s the use of trying to find it?  In conclusion, whether you have a small or large business, affordable SEO needs to be in everyone’s budget.

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