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Saturday, 26 June 2010, 01:44 am Written by 

Today’s world is the age of information.  There are millions upon millions of tons worth of data at everyone’s fingertips.  What better way to access this information with the aid of Search Engines.  For businesses, both big and small,  first page placement is an essential component to finding one’s services and products.  If you want internet surfers to get to your site to utilize your products and services, your chances are better with great page placement.  Well over 90% of web traffic comes from search engines.

First page placement gives your business a better chance of being accessed by internet surfers who utilize such search engines as Bing, Google, msn, etc.  If your website shows on page 7 or 10, in almost all instances, no one will ever find your business.  It’s not so much that they are not able to find you, but they just won’t want to go through the trouble of having to search even further through hundreds and thousands and even sometimes millions of pages through the search engines.  The majority of target audiences love to have information at their finger tips.  If information is beyond there reach, then it’s not worth searching for (well at least they think so).

First page placement is important so that people can find your website better.  Let’s say for instance you pay a web designer $5,000 to build you a high profile website.  What good is it if no one can find your business’s website?  Then all of that hard work and money would’ve been spent in vain.  Whether you are paying a little or a lot for your website, it’s always best to invest more in SEO to get better page ranking so that internet users can find your business without too much hassle.

All in all, with the current exchange of tons of data from Search Engines to internet surfers, first page placement is important during this age of internet marketing.  Millions of people depend on big search engines, such Google, to find websites with products and services that suite their needs.  The better your placement, the better chances you have for internet surfers to use your products and services.  It is better to invest in page ranking rather than the cosmetics of a website.  A basic looking website with great page placement versus a high profile flashy website with horrible page placement will always come out on top, pun intended.

Sunday, 06 June 2010, 05:30 am Written by 

Local internet marketing has its start in common sense. In this day and age, searching for what you want on a large scale tends to just lead you into labyrinthine big box retailers and mega malls that seem like they have no clue. And who knows how they treat their employees… or where they actually get the products they sell? A lot of times, consumers want to shop for items locally – sometimes even items produced locally. And if you own a business that “keeps it real” by conducting ethical, local operations, local internet marketing may appeal to a niche you never even thought of.

Think about it; if a person wants eggs, don’t you think they would rather deal with the farmer a few miles away who walks into his chicken coop at 8 and gets the eggs when they’re still warm… when the alternative is to go to the Massive Mega Store, who got their eggs “who knows when” from “who knows where?” It often confers a massive advantage to be locally based – so why not market your goods and or services from that particular frame?

And if you operate in an area where there is a reasonable population base, there are just bound to be local internet marketing venues to which you can submit your site. Craig’s List is a great national example – nearly every city in the US with a population greater than 50,000 has their own section, in which you can post about specific events, solicit volunteers, hire employees, ply your trade… even find a date, if you want to take a break.

And obviously, if there are other businesses based in your area, if the niche they serve is even reasonably close to yours you may have a link exchange situation in the making. For instance, if you produce environmentally friendly tires made out of recycled plastic bottles, and then subsequently re-recycle those tires into brand new ones, the local car dealership’s web site might find some use in your product line – and you might find a BUNCH of customers amongst people who are interested in cars and likely to need tires.

So remember the old slogan – “think globally, act locally.”

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