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Tuesday, 27 April 2010, 03:33 am Written by 

Everybody knows that SEO is a hugely technical, very sophisticated business that only elite “Internet types” are any good at. Well, it might not be quite that deep… but if you’re the type of person who’s better with words than with widgets, you might want to pick your battles, and give the SEO “Waterloo” a wide berth. But don’t think your web site is just going to gather dust in some lonely server somewhere – for there is hope, my Net-challenged friend: Directory submission. And no, that isn’t some new, electronic form of wrestling. Directory submission involves sending your site to various human edited directories, where it can be catalogued by an actual person who is more concerned about genuine, good content than which meta tags you have in your first paragraph.

Of course, you probably don’t want to try to get into general things – that area has been hotly contested and subsequently dominated by contenders who have deep pockets and dedicated professionals on their payrolls. Trying to get your site anywhere useful with something like “Plumbing” is about as useful as trying to go to England and declare yourself king. But perhaps you’re not into all plumbing – perhaps you have a site that is dedicated to super high end platinum faucets. “Platinum plumbing fixtures” might be the niche area that can get you noticed by actual eyes – keep in mind that directories often aren’t indexed by search engines, and thus require actual words that human beings are drawn to – just don’t start WRITING IN ALL CAP LOCKS AND DOING A BILLY MAYES IMPRESSION!!! That tends to turn people off, too.

The most important thing you need to determine, before you do anything else related to getting your site noticed, is decide who you intend to reach. You need to form the clearest possible picture of who your target demographic is – and then write to those people, and ONLY to those people. You are not a multi billion dollar, multinational corporate conglomerate whale that can try to be about EVERYBODY – if you actually look, even those guys typically fail when they try that.

And only when you know who your target market is, will your directory submission endeavors actually work.

Monday, 19 April 2010, 06:30 pm Written by 

If you’re not presently earning the income you desire and need, you could be the person we’re looking for.

We are looking to expand our sales force with a self-starter, a positive thinker, a goal-oriented person who can work in a team environment with minimum supervision.


– You must be a highly motivated, entrepreneurial, sales/customer service professional with a passion for success.
– You must be intelligent and have great communication and people skills.
– You must be dedicated and eager.

Knowing how to close is a must

• Previous phone sales experience is a must
• Dependable, competitive, motivated and focused
• Committed to follow-up on deals until they are closed
• Basic PC skills and internet knowledge

Position Criteria:

• Unlimited earning potential with bonuses
• Ongoing training and support
• Professional and fun office environment
• Cross-sell sales opportunities

– You will be cold calling, prospecting new potential clients and managing your accounts.

– All of our sales are closed over the phone.

– 100% commission with unlimited income opportunity.

Please submit resume to be considered for the position. (Reference job #358)

Saturday, 17 April 2010, 03:13 am Written by 

Many years ago, no one had ever heard of this social bookmarking stuff. Back in those days, bookmarks were a personal, private endeavor, and some people even hid their bookmarks from one another. But as time went on, innovation sprouted in that fertile cyber ground, and someone decided that sharing great links with people might be a good idea. At first, social bookmarking was just “some guy’s website, with some links and some comments.” But like all other things in life, what works quickly gets the attention of businesses that want to cash in on it.

These days, if you want your web site to get noticed, you had better be connected on the social bookmarking circuit. Just like with a government, the ultimate decision of which are the bad web sites, which are the mediocre web sites, and which are the web sites that everyone simply has to visit before they die resides with the people. A big company can suggest that a web site might be great, but if it’s just more meaningless corporate crap, they will be mocked and humiliated, no matter how many millions they may pour into their campaign. If only the 18th century French had had the Internet… it truly is a tool of liberty.

What basically happens when someone shares a great bookmark (or at least, a bookmark they consider great) is that they describe the site, and give their own spin to its description – what they liked, what they thought needed work, what they thought was just incomplete or didn’t make sense in context. And Rather like a wad of gum being passed around and contributed to by a group of friends, as word spreads and people link to it, the site’s popularity grows. Ideally, this becomes a cascade effect, and the site’s popularity explodes!

Of course, the usual rules apply, when you’re trying to get people to share their bookmarks of your site – it has to feature some good content, and it has to change often enough that people will actually visit more than one time. And if you get some flak for something, you might at least consider changing it – while it’s not good to be a flip-flopping wimp, being too proud can cost you a lot.

Thursday, 08 April 2010, 12:52 pm Written by 

We are seeking experienced and energetic sales reps to fill positions in our Sales Office.

Preferred Experience:

– Background in Sales (Telephone Sales a Plus)
– Background in Closing Opened Leads / Prospects

You must be motivated, intelligent and focused.
You must have great communication and people skills.
You must be dedicated and eager.

Do you have the drive to make 60-80 phone calls a day?
Are you able to lead a client through the demo and into the close?

** Bonuses & Residuals **

* Training Provided * * Flexible Hours *
* Unlimited Earning Potential * * High Commission Split with No Cap *
*Sign-On Bonus*

Submit Resume to: (reference job #136)

Wednesday, 07 April 2010, 02:32 am Written by 

There is an old Zen koan that says, “If a web site falls on the Internet, and no one has seen it, did it ever exist?” And of course, when I say ‘old,’ I’m speaking in Net terms, which means it’s existed for at least a week. On today’s Internet, you’re either in the spotlight (ie, on someone’s address bar), or you’re as good as non-existent (or is that non-existential?). One GREAT way to be seen is to use forum posting.

Posting on forums is a great way to get people to notice your web site. For one thing, it allows them to comment on your site – people love to put in their two cents (whether they’re coherent or not), and you never know; someone out there may have a great idea that they’ll give you completely free of charge. And when this forum posting activity becomes a subject of debate, the whole deal gets even better.

See, controversy sells. And whether or not your site is about selling something per se, when people discuss why your site is the worst that was ever posted, versus why it’s God’s gift to the Internet and could not possibly be any better, people will naturally travel there, just to see what all the fuss is about. Curiosity may have killed the cat, after all, but satisfaction brought him back.

One further benefit of posting information about your site in some forums is that you may be able to expose more niches to your site than you even planned on. Say your site is about blowfish, and you proceed to post in a marine life forum. Who could ever say whether a few octopus lovers will click your link just for curiosity’s sake, and find that the blowfish is both fascinating and majestic?

So forum posting has a bunch of benefits to you as a web site owner. You get people to visit your site, you get people to comment about your site (hopefully in a good way… but constructive criticism can be pretty valuable, too), and you get a little passion built up if there are multiple opinions about your site’s quality.

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