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Wednesday, 29 July 2009, 01:49 pm Written by 

Are you looking for a new and innovative way to present content on your website? Websites today are starting to use Web Presenter technology more and more especially to give your website a more personal introduction that can explain site and you company. The important thing is you want any of these presenters to look professional and have their content be as logical as possible.

You want a company that creates their videos in house so that they are experts in the field and can make any adjustments that you might need to your presenter. Another reason this is important is because the most common problem with web presenters is unreliable content and poor video quality. This distracts people’s attention and does not give visitors a positive experience with your site. The length of these segments and then content presented go hand in hand and you want to keep the visitor interested in your presenter and not bore them. That is why the typical message is less than 60 seconds. The reason for this is that you don’t want the presenter to be going on and on about all the services, history, … of your company, you want them to provide some information to spark peoples interest that’s leads to potential sales or at least conversations.

Video spokespeople are very versatile as well and you can use them in many different applications on the web. We have already talked about using one on your own site to try and guide people through your site or simply provide a personalized intro. Another use for this technology is in pay per click campaigns these can be used on other sites to grab a users attention while they are browsing other sites and draw them towards your site. The quality of the video and the professional look can draw users to click on it for more information because of its professional design makes it seem more reliable than an add that is simply flashing at you.They can also be used in Top Page Placement Services too.

These web presenters or video spokesman are gaining an increase presence on the web. Many marketers are now being tasked with incorporating video and other multimedia services into their corporate web sites to take advantage of sight and sound that will engage visitors at a whole new level. If you think this is something that your company would like to take advantage contact a reliable company like Web Wise Media today. You can couple this with other services to gain a whole new look and maybe even traffic to your website.

Friday, 10 July 2009, 02:07 pm Written by 

Flash is one of the technologies on the web that seems to be getting a lot of attention in web design because of its ability to have flashy graphics and animations and much, much more. There are a lot of other advantages to flash that make you want to revamp your entire site in Flash or just incorporate it into a few certain areas of your current site. The advantages of Flash have more and more people using it today as they realize that Flash is more valuable then those welcome/splash page usages of the past.

The growth in popularity of Flash is a result in its ability to do so many eye catching actions and the fact that some things on the web can only be done effectively with Flash. One of the major advantages of Flash is its Cross-platform compatibility. Flash is supported by upwards of 98% of web browsers today and as long as the user has the Flash plug-in you can be assured that your site will display properly and not be affected by differences in browsers interpretation like some html and other languages.

Animations are another major reason people choose flash sites. Animation is originally what Flash was created for and what it is best suited for as it is easy to create and view animations. Don’t want your videos to depend on operating system plug-ins like QuickTime or Media Player? Then use Flash. Flash is great at playing movies and does not depend on the Operating System like many other ways to play movies via the web. The last advantage I will mention is gaming. If you want you add a fun game to your site or have a site about games Flash games don’t have browser support issues like Ajax and other restrictions of other technologies. Flash games have taken off in recent years and you can find numerous sites of free flash games all over the internet.

Those are just some of the advantages of Flash and there are many more. When deciding weather or not to use Flash for your website or even a section of your website make sure to contact someone who has experience developing websites in Flash like Web Wise Media. They handle website deign in Los Angles and around the globe and provide numerous Web Design services in addition to Flash development like Organic SEO. If you want to contact them today you can do so by simply clicking here.

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With the development of countries all around the world and advancements in technology people in any country are able to access the internet. Optimization techniques can be fine tuned to a dominant search engine in a target area. When developing an Organic SEO approach you should research the market in the areas that you would like to target. Targeting an area will not exclude you from other areas it will just make your site more prevalent in the targeted areas.

So who are the major search engines that you should be concerned with? A report around 2005 stated that about 75% of all searches where done through Google. The number is often greater in countries outside the US for example 85-90% in Germany and close to 90% in the UK. Bring these numbers up to 2009 there are only a few markets where Google is not the leading search engine. In these cases there is usually a local search engine dethroning the search engine king. Some of these include China, Japan, South Korea, Russia and Czech Republic where respectivelyBaidu,Yahoo! Japan,Naver,Yandex,and Seznamare market leaders.

How does this impact your company? It is actually good news that one search engine is dominant throughout the world making Orgainic SEO and other services affordable. You can target a wide audience with out much additional work. To gain better penetration into some of the other smaller or foreign markets can sometimes require additional work. For example in these international markets you may want to have professional translation of web pages, registration of a domain name with a top level domain in the target market, and web hosting that provides a local IP address.

A professional company will be able to accommodate all of your needs. Through a variety of services you can get your site noticed in any market. Make sure the company you select has references and is using White Hat techniques. Finally if you are ready to increase your web traffic whether you are in a big city in the US like Los Angeles or across the globe contact Web Wise Media today.

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