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Friday, 26 June 2009, 02:03 pm Written by 

Do you run a small business? If so then you have had to wrestle with advertising costs and incorporate them as part of your overall expenses of your business. Print advertising like phone directory ads, block ads, and many other print methods are very costly to the point it can be unaffordable for many small business. So, what are small businesses to do to get their company noticed on a smaller budget? The solution is the internet and online advertising through a website, organic SEO, and many other techniques to help your small business get noticed.

Today we have online search engine giants like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN and these three control a majority of the searches performed on the internet today. People search for products and goods and purchase them from the internet on a daily basis. This gives a somewhat more level playing field to small and large companies alike and this also helps you target those individuals mostly likely to purchase your products.

How fast is online shopping growing? During the Christmas season sales at traditional brick and mortar stores see an increase of typically 4%. This is considered there busiest time of the year and when stores make a large portion of their profits. The internet has been seeing a year after year increase of 30% and higher. For this reason companies are quickly trying to create an online presence and get themselves noticed. Hiring reliable high quality professionals like Web Wise Media can get this accomplished in a matter of days.

One way to get noticed is to join a site like Google’s or Yahoo’s advertising networks. Google has a program called AdWords and Yahoo has a Publisher Network which is very similar. Programs like these allow you to set up ads that appear on web sites in set areas so that you can target your selected audience more effectively than those blanket news paper ads and other print material. You only pay if someone actually clicks on your advertisement and goes to your site and limits can be set on the amount you want to spend so that you never are hit with a bill for more than you expected. These coupled with other solutions such as banner ads on selected sites can be far more effective at reaching the customer base you want and preventing you from wasting money on expensive print ads.

To help you get started with some of these techniques and others that can be just as beneficial you should contact a professional SEO company to help like Web Wise Media. They have a very diverse list of services to meet your company needs. So start helping your business today!

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There are many common mistakes in web design that many people make that are often not done on purpose. Most of these are just oversights by developers that lack experience in usability or good web design experience. A poorly designed page will have users not being able to find information on your site or not being able to find your site at all. This can lead to frustration and result in lack of new site traffic and recurring traffic to your site.

The largest most important mistake being, pages with low search engine visibility. Since searching is one of the most common ways for users to discover your website it is important that you have employed some Organic SEO techniques to increase your page rank and make your website more visible to search engine users. SEO services are very affordable and can dramatically increase your site traffic. For more information on Organic SEO check out our other blog entries here.

One of the most basic mistakes is not changing the color of links and visited links. The user needs to have a good grasp on not only what is a link on your site but also past navigation. This helps the user understand their current location and where they can go from there and where they have already been. This comes in handy so a user can either not revisit a link they found to be unhelpful or revisit a link that was helpful. In order to gain these advantages though the user must be able to tell what is a link and if it has been visited yet or not.

Lastly one of the biggest things that frustrates user is having disorganized content so they are not able to find answers to their questions. This is where a website design firm can really help out. They can help you identify your target audience identify what information is most important to have on your site and most importantly how to organize that information. A well organized site with information that is on point will greatly increase the chances that a user will stay on your site longer and come back again, which if this site is for your business can mean increased sales.

These are a few common mistakes that some companies make when creating websites. By avoiding these mistakes and taking advantage of good design techniques you can easily gain a completive edge on your competition in this rapidly developing marketing area. The web is a medium that more and more people are using and their expectations of the quality of a web site are also increasing. So if you are looking for a company to provide you with quality web design look no farther than Web Wise Media and contact them today.

Monday, 08 June 2009, 09:11 pm Written by 

Many people looking for information on SEO marketing or SEO companies for increased page rank come across the terms, white and black hat, and many of them are unsure of the differences between them. These two categories are broad enough that you can classify all the different SEO techniques under one of them. The basic differences between them are those techniques that search engines recommend and ones that they do not approve of1.

Any technique that follows the guidelines of search engines is considered a white hat technique. These SEO techniques are not meant to deceive or mislead the search engine into giving you page a false higher rank. In addition to following the guidelines are not the only thing that your site must adhere to, your site should also have relevant information on the site based on the keywords the page is ranked on. The user should be able to see the content on the site that they saw when they read the result in the search engine. There are other smaller techniques that are considered white hat but it can be summed up as creating quality content for users and making it easily accessible for search engines to locate using there crawling techniques. This will get your site noticed and quality content will get your page ranked higher thus in creasing your page rank the right way.

On the other hand black hat techniques do the exact opposite. These are methods that search engines disapprove of and can result in some serious consequences. Black hat techniques involve text that is not visible to the user, cloaking, or linking overload. Cloaking is the ability for a website to redirect search engine crawlers to one website and human visitors to another. This is done to deceive search engines and leads to a misleading page rank. Linking overload involves linking numerous sites that have no real connection to the topic or content and are added simply to try and increase page rank. With any website you want to avoid these black hat techniques.

When hiring a company make sure they are using white hat techniques such as Natural SEO, First Page Placement , and website development. If you try and use black hat techniques you can be in for some undesirable results for example in February 2006 Google removed both BMW Germany and Ricoh Germany for use of deceptive practices. So make sure you contact a reputable company like Web Wise Media today for your SEO needs as their track record and experience speaks to their quality.

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Many small businesses fail to reach the potential number of customers online because they do not advertise. There are a lot of myths behind online advertising and other online marketing techniques. Addressing these myths allows us to put to rest some of the fear and uncertainty allowing even the smallest of companies to begin benefiting from an expanded online presence through online marketing.

The biggest myth is that internet marketing is extremely costly and small companies can not afford it. In a recent online survey 25% of responders said that online advertising would break there budget. This simply isn’t true there are so many different ways you can market your business online you can choose the type and level based on your budget. For example check out a list of some of the possible solutions for your company here. No matter what your budget is there is some marketing technique that can help you attract more business.

The second myth is that internet marketing is too complex. Internet marketing can be complex but hiring an expert company that has a proven track record with SEO Services and additional marketing techniques can help eliminate the complexity. Web Wise Media works with its customers so that they understand exactly what is being done for them, and how they benefit from it. Informing the consumer is the best way to ease any concerns.

The last myth is that online marketing has a short duration or is not sustainable. This myth can be easily tossed aside because traditional advertising such as bill boards can be expensive and only lasts a short period of time. With a website you have a longer period of time to recover your investment and a majority of the time the investment is smaller as well. This can be seen from some clients who are still enjoying increased traffic due to online marketing.

So why choose online marketing?

Online marketing can be simple and very affordable compared to other traditional marketing methods. With the amount of consumers using the web it is becoming more important to not only have a website but to advertise it properly. The time to act is now and you can contact a profession company like Web Wise Media to handle all of the details for you at an affordable price.

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